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Loan Success has a strong track record of helping clients with the purchase of their Home Loan or Investment Property. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Mortgage Finance market and can find an appropriate and competitive product to suit your needs.

Our process of obtaining finance is made hassle free saving you time and the need to talk to numerous Lenders. We will come to you at a time that suits you, to walk you through the whole process ensuring the approval process runs smoothly. Our friendly and professional staff will always be available to answer any questions at any time. This care and attention also applies long after your loan settles, you can always talk to us. We believe organising finance should NOT be a stressful experience. Our team is her to ensure your experience is a positive one.

At Loan Success we pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with more than 30 Banks and Financiers who provide a wide range of financial options, some of which include:

Pre-approval finance is ideal for anyone wishing to purchase a home or investment property but are yet to actually locate the ideal property. Pre-approval can be obtained from most lenders, providing you with peace of mind and bargaining power when you find that ideal property.

A residential home loan can feature fixed, variable or split interest rates. If you are an astute property investor, purchasing a new owner occupied home, building a new home or a first home buyer we have the expertise to help you access everything you need to get a loan that suits you.

We will walk you through the whole processes of purchasing your first home. We will advise you what the banks require, what you can potentially borrow and all the support you need to better understand the process to make your first home purchase a stress free one.

Re-financing is the process of replacing your current Mortgage with a new one. We have the knowledge and experience to help you work out whether you should renegotiate with your current lender, move your mortgage to a more competitive lender or stay where you are. Re-financing can potentially save you thousands of dollars and reduce years off the loan term so that you can own your home sooner. At the same time we will make sure that you have the loan product which suits your requirements. We organise the entire process of refinancing so that you do not have to. We approve your loan and coordinate with the each bank to ensure a smooth and stress free transfer.

Low documentation loans are specifically designed for self-employed people, and other nonconforming borrowers. These loans are designed for self employed people who know they can afford a loan but don’t have the financial reports/tax returns to support it. You can declare an income and the banks will use that to assess your affordability.

A line of credit loan can be used for many purposes offering maximum flexibility. A line of credit works similar to an overdraft where the balance can go up and down within an agreed line of credit limit, which is useful to borrowers wishing to do some home renovations, buy an investment property, purchase a motor vehicle or take a holiday.

Building your wealth with property can be a solid long-term option, especially if you arrange your finances to your greatest advantage. The better you manage your assets and your home loan, the better the returns you can expect. Every successful financial decision begins with a plan and investing in property is no different. That’s why it’s so important to get your strategy right from day one. Just like a residential home loan, you can choose wither fixed, variable or split interest rates for your investment loan, with flexible features such as redraw and offset facilities. In general though, investors often prefer Interest Only Loans and Line of Credit loans.

If you are thinking about investing in property, talk to us. We can help explain the process, and help you set up your loan.

A number of lenders offer competitive loan packages to attract professional clients offering discounted loan packages. Here at Loan Success we have a highly experienced team of Home Loan consultants. Speak to one of our specialist to discuss your requirements and the Lender Professional packages that are available.

Please call us today and ask to speak to one of our finance specialists to discuss what options are available for you when it comes to finance.

Superannuation legislation allows Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) to borrow to invest in residential or commercial property. Investing through your SMSF may be a tax effective way for you to create wealth for your future, and diversify your super investment portfolio. Income from the SMSF, including capital gains, are taxed at concessional rates, so you could end up saving more money for your retirement. Advice should be sought from your Accountant and Financial Planner.

If you are thinking about investing in property through your SMSF, talk to us. We can help explain the process, and help you set up your loan.

Thinking of purchasing commercial property? Give one of our finance specialists a call and they can advise on the best and most cost effective way to finance. Loan Success has access to many different commercial lenders and loan products. It is crucial to understand what the banks will assess, how much they will charge and what amount they will lend against the property. There are many commercial property loans available including Low Doc and Simple Doc loans.

Thinking of purchasing a business? …. Or do you need some working capital for your existing business? Loan Success can help. We provide business lending solutions and you don’t necessarily need bricks and mortar security. There is a wide range of business lending solutions that can help you. We have direct access to lenders that can provide you the funds you need. We deal with business bankers on a daily basis and we can discuss your situation with them directly and get an idea of what their bank is prepared to offer and at what cost…without even putting an application to them! This gives you the best chance at approval at the most cost effective price. Give one of our Senior Finance Specialists a call today.

Are you struggling with your business cashflow and the banks won’t lend you enough funds without bricks and mortar security? Debtor Finance may work for you! Debtor Finance allows you to use your accounts receivable as security. The lender will lend you up to 80% against your outstanding invoice. This essentially allows you to be paid straight away. You simply invoice your customer and then you can immediately send to your lender who will advance up to 80% of the invoice amount to you normally the next working day.

The banks won’t help you with finance and you really need it? Do you have bricks and mortar security but the banks won’t lend to you based on your demonstrable income or impaired credit history? Loan Success has access to private lenders at very competitive pricing. Loans are available from $50,000 up to and sometimes over $2,500,000. Lending is established professionally and we only deal with a companies specialising in this style of lending who have a long, professional and well established track record. Give one of our Senior Finance Specialists a call today to discuss!

Car Finance – Truck Finance – Equipment Finance

Loan Success has an outstanding record and reputation in helping clients with their vehicle and equipment purchases through access to a comprehensive range of Equipment Finance products via a wide range of lenders.

Our team has a thorough understanding in all areas of Equipment Finance and are here to ensure your experience is a positive one. Whether it’s a car, truck, trailer, plant & equipment, mining machinery, farm machinery, office equipment/computer systems, or a specialised piece of equipment, there are a range of financing options to suit you, including:

Leasing allows you to obtain goods without a capital outlay and then upgrade them at the end of the lease period. Leasing has GST implications, so check with your accountant or advisor first.

A Novated Lease is a flexible, convenient way for a salary- packaged employee to lease a vehicle through their employer. After signing a novation agreement, the employer makes lease payments on behalf of the employee. However, the employee remains responsible for the payments during and after employment has ceased, as there are tax implications relating to a Novated Lease. Professional advice is recommended.

A Rental Operating Lease is ideal for items such as technology-based equipment which becomes quickly superseded and rapidly depreciates.

A hire purchase is an agreement to purchase a vehicle or equipment subject to payment terms, which means you gain equity in the asset with each instalment made.

A chattel mortgage involves a loan which gives your financier a Registered Charge over your asset, but gives you ownership of the asset from day one. We would recommend that you check with your accountant or adviser about which type of equipment finance would best suit your business needs.

Our process of obtaining finance is made hassle free saving you time and money. We will walk you through the whole deal ensuring the approval process runs smoothly. Your personal consultant and our friendly professional staff will always be available to answer any questions at any time. This care and attention also applies long after our loan settles… you can always talk to us.

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